Valentines Day Hairstyle- Special DIY Love (Heart) Bun

Valentine Day Hair Style

Valentine’s Day is here and it’s a time to look your prettiest best. How about adding a little love to your look? I came across this video (created by model and influencer Sherry Maldonado) and thought of sharing with you all this Valentines Day hairstyle. Let’s have a look:


  • Rat-tail comb,
  • A regular hair donut (bun maker)
  • Few hair elastics,
  • 6-8 bobby pins,
  • Hairspray and
  • Accessory {if desired}

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Valentines Day Hairstyle- PROCEDURE

All you have to do is simply modify your bun maker in a heart shape with three elastics.

  • Take a standard bun maker, pinch it’s bottom together and then place 2-3 hair elastics over it to keep the bottom squished together holding that shape.
  • Now pinch together the top left side of the bun maker and slide a hair elastic over it, and do the same on the right side. This will create a more triangular-shaped bun maker instead of a donut.
  • Now pull your hair through this modified doughnut and let your hair fall evenly over the it.
  • Once you have the hair evenly spaced, take one or two hair bands and slide it over the bun. Make sure to hide the bun maker completely with hair, pulling the hair tight against the bun maker and forming a heart-shaped bun.
  • Tuck any excess hair underneath the hair doughnut with bobby pins and voila, the heart shaped bun is here!
  • To help emphasize the heart shape, gently pull down on the middle hair of the “M” of the heart and secure it with a bobby pins.
  • To give a finishing touch, you can add hairspray or accessory (if desired).

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Instead of one, you can also make two love buns on top of the head. In the video, the influencer has also shown the other way to do this look in a half up, half down style, which would look amazing on a Valentine’s night out. You can also incorporate a braid around the base, etc. Choice is yours!

Valentines Day Hair Style

What are you waiting for? Incorporate a heart into your hairstyle and make everyone say- “LOVE IS IN THE hAIR!”



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