Amazing Diet Secrets of Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Diet Secrets Of Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Some celebs actually grow prettier and sexier with aging and our mirror cracking beauty Shilpa Shetty undeniably is one of them. This 40 years old bollywood actress has come so far since the time we had seen her for the first time in the movie Baazigar (1993) to her being judge of Nach Baliye season 5 and 6. There has been a drastic transformation in her personality and appearance. Nobody can ever forget her dance moves, flaunting her curvaceous body from the “Shut up and Bounce Babe”, song of the movie Dostana.

Shilpa Shetty diet secret


She gave birth to her first child, son Viaan in 2012. During her pregnancy, she bulked up 31 kgs, credit goes to her high fat diet which included ghee, milk and other fatty products. She ate everything and imagined that she would never be able to lose that weight. Losing postpartum weight is quite unnerving for almost every women but Shilpa Shetty managed to regain her pre-baby body in just few months. Instead of keeping her secrets of incredibly toned figure and trimmed waist to herself, she preferred sharing her wisdom on health and fitness with the world and has launched a book, titled, “THE GREAT INDIAN DIET”, co-authored by nutrition and fitness expert Luke Coutinho.

The book is Shilpa Shetty’s effort to bring the focus on the Indian kitchen for fitness. “I have tried to bust pre-conceived notions about Indian food. People think Indian food is fattening and high on sodium, which is untrue. A simple dish like rajma chawal is a complete meal; it has the right amount of protein, nine amino acids; it’s equivalent to eating an egg. But people are tucking into quinoa instead,” she explains. This book guides people on healthy weight loss. These days everybody is so weight obsessed that they forget about focussing on health. That’s what the book brings to focus. The book stays true to our Indian roots and will also include details of diet and fitness principles that Shilpa follows in her day to day routine.

The great indian diet


To keep herself fit, slender, skinny and healthy, this sensational actress – entrepreneur is strictly against dieting and rather focus on having wholesome balanced diet. Shilpa fuels her body with carbs which are low in G.I. ( glycemic index). Avoid white carbs and include brown carbs like brown ( rice, pasta, sugar, bread) in her diet. She prefers olive oil for cooking and after her workout session, consumes protein shake, 8 black raisins and 2 dates. She loves taking green tea and stay away from sugary fizzy drinks. Fit and fabulous Shilpa abides by discreet diet for 6 days and relishes one cheat day in a week to enjoy her cravings for sweet foods.

WATCH: How Shilpa Shetty Enjoys Her CHEAT DAY!

Being a nursing mother, she consumed 2200 calories in a day which were comprised of low carb, high protein and high fat food items but now her daily calorie intake has come down to 1800. To further aid her healthy eating habits, she does not eat after 8 pm and ensures her last meal is consumed atleast 3 hrs before bedtime so that her body is able to work off the calories.

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  • Starts her day with hot water and a plate of papaya with lemon on empty stomach.
  • Shilpa whips up different juices every day, such as red juice (pomegranate, apple carrot, and beetroot, tomato and green apple), green juice (cucumber and spinach).
  • Cup of milk tea.
  • Porridge or two whole eggs – omelette, boiled or scrambled.

Lunch (her heaviest meal of the day)

  • Rice or two rotis ( made of 5 different kinds of grains ) with two teaspoons of ghee, vegetables, dal, fish (she has quit chicken due to the fear of the birds being fed with toxic antibiotics and steroids) or egg bhurji. She ends her meal with a piece of jaggery

Evening snacks (if time permits)

  • Snacks such as makhanas sautéed in ghee with salt and pepper
  • A glass of slim dahi buttermilk.
  • Two eggs, if the day starts early.
  • Or just a cup of tea with brown sugar (Shilpa can’t live without two cups of tea daily)

Dinner (before 8 pm)

  • Sour Soup for proteins.
  • Stir-fried vegetables or paneer.
  • Turkey slice / Salmon steak.

Her Cheat Day is SUNDAY, when bhajiyas, batata wada, biryani and rasgullas are allowed.

SHILPA SHETTY’S MAGIC MANTRA : For new mums & weight watchers

“When I was losing weight after my pregnancy, I would eat nearly four eggs a day. Eggs keep your stomach full for longer. When you are trying to lose a lot of weight, you always stress about not getting to have food. This results in your body producing extra cortisol, slowing down metabolism. Eating has a lot more to do with your mind than your stomach. Don’t tell yourself that you are dieting.

Shilpa Shetty With Son

Make a change in your life to be healthy not because you want to fit into a dress or because you have a party to attend. Weight gain is a natural process and you must take your time to nurse the baby. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to exercise, it is still possible to lose 75 per cent of the baby weight just by eating a balanced diet. But aim for it only after the first four months of delivery.”

So overall “More than about not being Fat, it was about being Fit”…

What is your take on it ?

Disclaimer :  Most of the information is taken from web, newspaper and the book “The Great Indian Diet”.



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