WATCH : Milind Soman Mother Doing Plank At The Age Of 78

Milind Soman Mother Doing Plank At The Age Of 78 video

“I have been lucky and I have been privileged. But the greatest blessing I received from life has been your love. I am beautiful because you are. Thank you for being you,” the Ironman Milind Soman posted on Mother’s Day for his super mom, Usha Soman. Milind Soman mother has really left us speechless! Scroll down and find out yourself.

milind soman mother usha soman

Usha Soman joined hands with her son for a special campaign named ‘One Lakh Hands for Mom’ on the occasion of Mother’s Day. She is the face of it and will be actively participating in its important events. The campaign aims at working with one lakh kids for the health and wellness of their mothers. The health of the whole family depends on the wellness of the mother, hence the campaign that will have around 300 workshops to create awareness about the same.

This supermom made her son endlessly proud by doing a “1 minute 20 seconds plank” in this campaign. Check out her plank moment in this video.


Usha Soman even shared tips from her lifestyle, explaining how she keeps herself fit with a healthy diet, is very active with her daily brisk walking and does not believe in leading a sedentary lifestyle. She was a professor of biochemistry, and at the age of 60, when she retired, she started trekking. Today, she is 78 and participates in a 100 km trek. She does that every year. At 78, she could do what most women can’t do at 48.

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Milind Soman with her Mother on Mother's Day

“I give credit to my mom for inspiring and encouraging me to take sports seriously. This has played such an important role in shaping my life and mind,” said the proud son.

Isn’t she a great inspiration for all mommies?