Indian PM Narendra Modi Fitness Mantra – Secret Behind His Energy

Indian PM Narendra Modi Interview

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most admired personalities globally. While he has been praised for his economic policies and various political decisions, the man has also caught a lot of attention for his amazing personality. But how does he manage to stay healthy and fit even after so frequent international travelling without breaks and managing a country as big as India ? PM Narendra Modi fitness mantra can surely be a lesson to many.


Several studies have correlated waking up early with success. There are lot of benefits of waking up early in the morning. These benefits are not only physical but also mental. Mr. Narendra Modi, an early bird, is perfect example of this. He wakes up as early as 5 a.m in the morning and continues to work until 10 pm as required.

Pm Narendra Modi Fitness Mantra Yoga

Despite being a workaholic, he manages to keep himself fit and healthy – all thanks to YOGA. He regularly practises Yoga for an hour daily early in the morning, without taking any day off in between. This improves both his physical and mental well-being. The idea of an International Day of Yoga was first proposed by Narendra Modi during his speech at the UNGA, on 27 September 2014. After yoga session he sits for meditation. No matter where he is either in the country or elsewhere he religiously follows this routine.

“Doctors tell me I need to sleep for 5 hours but I sleep for maximum 3-4 hours yet, I get a very sound sleep.
I am equally energetic from morning till night. I guess the secret behind it is Yoga and Pranayama, which I do daily.
Whenever I feel tired, I just practice deep breathing and that refreshes me again!” – PM Narendra Modi Fitness Mantra


Modi is a vegetarian and is very careful about his diet and nutrition. The benefits of being a vegetarian are innumerable. Scientific studies have shown that a vegetarian diet improves energy, endurance and have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. NaMo has simple food-habits like having Bhakhri (rotis) and khichdi in Gujarati style. He avoids fast food since childhood and snacks on food like idli, dosa and poha. Modi has his own cook, Badri Meena, who travels with him wherever he goes.

Being a leader, Narendra Modi has to give plenty of speeches and lectures and thus has to take good care of his throat. For this, he consumes lukewarm water even during summers to prevent a sore throat. He is a teetotaler, prefers lemonade over other drinks. It may be one of the reasons of his glowing face.

“Those who work in public life, their lives are very irregular. He needs to have a tough stomach. For 35 years, I had to seek food and ate whatever I got. I never asked people to cook something special for me.
I like Khichdi very much. But then, I eat whatever I get.
I want my health to be such that it won’t be a burden for the nation. Till my last breath I want to remain a healthy human being.” – PM Narendra Modi Fitness Mantra

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