Ensure A Stronger 2018 With The Right Nutrition

Oh January – the month of new resolutions and aspirations! Many of us start the New Year with great vows but as the year goes by, enthusiasm wanes and everyone gets back to their lazy selves. But I will make a difference and stick to my New Year Resolution which is ‘To Be Fit’. Yes, fitness is in my top priority list! Being not only a mother but also a working woman, I need a lot of physical stamina. My lil munchkin, always keeps me on my toes. From the minute I get up, till I drop him off at school, it is go, go, go. Constant shuttling between work and home leaves me exhausted. And since the time, I have crossed the age of 30, my energy level was going down. So I was wondering whether I’ll be able to keep up with my ‘fitness’ resolution or not. But all thanks to this really cool website from ‘Ensure’ which encourages you to take a pledge to #EnsureAStronger2018. I took a pledge to #EnsureAStronger2018 by exercising regularly, improving my diet and having a glass of Ensure –daily. You can take a pledge too.

Ensure A Stronger 2018

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Ensure (doctor recommended brand) is a scientifically formulated and clinically proven adult nutritional supplement. It is a complete blend of everything the body needs to thrive. A glass of Ensure every day provides you an excellent source of 32 vital nutrients and is specially formulated keeping your nutritional needs in mind. It contains protein, calcium, Vitamin D and other important vitamins and minerals which could possibly be missing from your diet.


  • Do you know that age related muscle loss begins after the age of 30 years, reducing about 3-5% muscle mass each decade? Once you cross the age of 40, this rate increases up to 8 %. Muscle loss can affect your strength and energy levels.
  • As we age, the body’s natural capability to absorb nutrients from everyday food reduces immensely. This in turn results in reduced strength, stamina, and lower energy levels.
  • Bone density decreases as we grow older.
  • Immunity weakens which could make us vulnerable to infections.
  • Not only this, but metabolism also begins to decline gradually.

Stay Strong With Ensure Health Supplement

You need to fill the nutrition gaps to keep your body strong and healthy. This is where Ensure comes in. Fortunately, it gives you a way to build your stamina back up. Let’s check out its benefits.


Ensure is a tasty yet nutritious supplement that can help you stay fit, active, and energetic. It provides all essential food groups that your body needs as it ages. A glass full of Ensure gives complete and balanced nutrition, helps build bones, supports digestive health, boosts metabolism and immunity. You can order Ensure online at Amazon, Grofers and Big Basket and #EnsureAStronger2018

Ensure fortified with Nutri-strength Complex is an ideal nutrition. With it, I have been noticing a drastic change in myself. I never feel tired even after tight work schedules. It keeps me active throughout the day. Now, whenever I get some ‘me’ time, I indulge in some sort of physical activity, whether its Yoga or Aerobics. I feel so energised. All these benefits make it one of my go-to-recommendations for a perfect health drink.

Stay Active With Ensure Nutrition Supplement

“Don’t let your body limit your choices.” Make it a part of your daily routine, you will definitely feel better. Without giving a second thought, take a New Year Pledge to be fit. And ‘Ensure’ will help you fulfil your pledge.