About Me

Hi, I am Dr. Seema Nanda. You can call me Siya as well. I am a Physiotherapist by profession and worked as a Corporate Physio, a Physio Counsellor and a Clinical Physiotherapist. Apart from this, I am a Wife, Mother, Fitness Enthusiast, Eternal positive thinker, Entrepreneur and Co-founder/Chief-editor of this Befitandfine blog from Delhi with a passion for beauty, health and wellness.

I gained 16 kgs in my pregnancy and almost went into depression thinking how I am going to lose so much of weight. But I lost 15 kgs and that too without any professional help. I attribute all this almost entirely to my healthy eating habits and my passion for fitness. Being a Physio, everybody used to ask me several questions regarding the health and weight loss. It was my extremely supportive and amazing husband who encouraged me to write a blog and share my knowledge and experiences with all those who are struggling with weight issues. Not only this, I just love connecting with fellow people who are interested in learning more about the world of healthy living. So all this motivated me to start www.befitandfine.com

This blog is the space to share genuine ways to lose weight(fat), to debunk fitness myths and be as healthy as possible. Here I’ll spill the beauty secrets too. I strongly believe in taking care of skin and hair with natural remedies. You will also get all the information regarding diseases and their cures too. Not only this, here I will share the reviews on latest beauty, health and fitness related products.

Being a Mom, requires that you work 24/7 for someone other than yourself. My goal with this blog is to provide motivation, inspiration and ideas on how to fit in exercises, fitness and health in your busy day. I’ll guide you how to get healthy body, glowing skin and lose weight without dieting.


Don’t hesitate to contact me. Your questions, comments or feedbacks are always welcomed 🙂 I would love to hear from you……..

Love !