Benefits of Pre and Post-Workout Stretchings

Group of young women stretching and warming up for a gym class

I have noticed so many individuals who jumpstart on treadmill or crosstrainer and start doing their workout without giving a least importance to stretching. Even if they do, they barely spend 5 minutes on stretching just one muscle group and leave. Don’t you think that… Read More

Best Tips To Control Diabetes: Diabetes Management

Tips to Manage Diabetes

It’s hard to be positive when your doctor says those dreaded words – “You have diabetes”. Fast paced lifestyle, increasing reliance on processed foods, lack of proper nutrition owing to socio-economic situation and physical inactivity is creating an alarming health situation for our present generation…. Read More


Get Gorgeous with Oranges

Winters are back and so the Oranges. Delicious Oranges have always been my favourite among the fruits. Its tangy taste can definitely make anybody’s taste buds drool. Apart from several health benefits it offer, it can work wonders in making you look gorgeous. So by… Read More